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Accelerating innovation with smart money

Suricate Ventures is a privately financed venture capital firm with a smart money investment philosophy. We invest in early-stage technology ventures with a focus on Fintech & Insuretech, Gaming, Metaverse, Health and Logistics & Supply Chains. Suricate Ventures combines venture capital, industry expertise and network.

Investment verticals
Investment criteria



highly scalable startups in growing markets

We focus on technology opportunities that will constitute future digital infrastructure and have significant market potential. We are geographically agnostic.



seed & round A

We invest early in the stage to provide early-growth funding. We never invest pre-seed. We prefer startups that proved to be fundable with previous investments from the private invesotrs. Our ticket is up to 50.000,00 EUR with possible follow-up investment.



post revenue

We do not invest in pure business idea. Come to us once you have proof-of-concept and start building your customer base. We consider customer data as a key information for our investment decision.



fit & proper team

Suricate Ventures being privately funded means we have our “skin in the game”. That is what we also expect from founders of the startups – fully committed team of experts and entrepreneurial enthusiasts.



syndicated investment round

We feel most comfortable when we invest in a syndicate with other VCs, business angels or other investors. As industry insiders we have built close relationships with the top-tier investors – VCs, business angels, private equity firms and institutional investors.



sustainability, social responsibility

We invest in startups that have positive contribution to the planet and our society. When investing we follow ESG (“environmental, social and governance”) standards.


We are group of friends, each having different backgrounds, from finance and insurance, to legal, information technology, venture capital and private equity, energy and mobility. We call ourselves suricates. In the nature suricates are always on the watch, looking closely at what is going on around them. So we do in business. We monitor technology trends and underlying technologies as an industry insiders.


As a fearless risk-takers we search for the tech ventures which have potential to disrupt the existing value chains. Venture capital is only a part of our commitment. As all of our founders have a distinctive industry competences, we are able to support our portfolio startups with the industry and functional expertise, a strong business and investor network.


Suricate Ventures d.o.o.
Ciril-Metodov trg 14
1000 Ljubljana

Office address:
Breg 14
1000 Ljubljana


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